Sky Frost


As an a brand designer and marketer, I can visualize your wildest dreams and bring them into existence. With an expertise in brand design and content creation, there are no bounds to where we can take your brand.

I love traveling the world in wonder of beautiful places, faces, and experiences. With camera in hand, adventure on my mind, the wanderlust is never ending. Stepping out of the comfort zone and finding inspiration, is what motivates my creativity and growth. Wander with me…


Mitch Meyers


As a self taught creator, I love to learn and continually grow my knowledge. I have worked with many mediums and I continue to experiment to create one of a kind pieces. With an expertise in graphics and motion, there are no limits to the possibilities of our collaboration. Would love to help bring your idea to life.

A little about me

I love to create. From music videos and aerial photography to digital portraits and 3D animation, I see no bounds to the ability to create. I love seeing the world, it fuels my creativity and opens the mind to new perspectives. See my wanders…